Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Showdown with Iran"

If you missed its broadcast on PBS, or the screening at the Frontline Correspondents Club in London, you can still see the superb documentary SHOWDOWN WITH IRAN, online here.

It's written, directed, and produced by Greg Barker, maker of PBS's acclaimed feature documentary "Ghosts of Rwanda."

Hang in there Chumley's

Chumley's may back. Or WILL be, we read...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

... and NOW more than ever

Before he was a business guru, author, and father of "Envirobabe" Nora M., Michael Maccoby devised and led the #1 college prank of the 20th Century as ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1953, Maccoby, then President of the Harvard Crimson, with the help of fellow staffers David Halberstam and George Abrams, stole the sacred stone Ibis from atop the building of its rival The Lampoon, the Harvard humor magazine know for ITS pranks. In tit-for-tat retaliation, the Lampoon, led by its then-president John Updike, kidnapped Maccoby. Two days later, at a proposed exchange on a bridge spanning the Charles (it was the height of the Cold war, after all), the Crimsonians did a double-cross and drove off with both Maccoby and the Ibis, heading south, with Updike and company in hot pursuit. Arriving in New York, the Crimson trio quickly organized a press conference and announced that in honor of John Reed, a former Lampoon President turned lefty journalist and the only American buried in Red Square, Harvard was donating the treasured Ibis to the Moscow State University. Newspapers splashed the story next day, with page one of the New York Times proclaiming: "Harvard gives Soviets the Bird.”
Today Maccoby publishes his tenth book, THE LEADERS WE NEED. And now more than ever...