Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hitchcock Blonde

Discovered reading Guardian online... nice new blog here... riffing on things from literature to film to theater... and fashion for those that likes that.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quotes from H.L.“DOC” HUMES

“I suggest that we start with the blueprint for Utopia. We’ve gotten into the pernicious habit of dismissing utopia as impractical. It may be that utopia is the only way out. I mean that quite seriously. It may simply be a fact of history that the alternative to Utopia is Hell, perpetual warfare. It looks like we all have to learn how to live like saints and angels merely to survive.”

“The country is suffering a real pestilence, a plague as real as anything that ever hit Europe in the Middle Ages. It’s an emotional plague, an emotional disorder rather than virus or a bacillus, it’s endemic anxiety neurosis. They see fear as something that makes their machine go –I mean when I say they, call them the government, call it the corporate structure, call it whatever you will. They deliberately induce a state of anxiety.”

“What’s happening in the world of the media is that the techniques of image mongering are being perverted to distract, divert, obfuscate, exactly the opposite of what the poet does—It’s kind of a battle of language that’s going on. This presents a real problem for the poet, because the poet—being the first enemy of the tyrant—is stuck with the task of unraveling this perversion of the use of language.”

“Machinery that’s not used rusts. And sometimes it’s a good idea not to pay the 2 dollars, to fight the case, to give the judge something to get his teeth in, so he can put down a decision, make a precedent. If you pay the 2 dollars every time, then nothing gets before the courts and nothing is decided, no new precedents are made and everything stagnates.”

“The thing I’ve discovered most recently, that I think is the most relevant, is that you never fall out of love with anybody that you’ve ever loved. I mean, once the anger has diminished, once the stone has been removed from your shoe, the love is still there. And that’s just amazing. Just amazing. I’ve done exhaustive research on that subject. Exhaustive research. And it has exhausted me.”

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DOC - a film about Harold L. Humes, the hipster visionary and Paris Review co-founder

... some kudos for Immy Humes's film DOC, especially here in VARIETY.

"Doc" Harold L. Humes