Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Frontline Club comes to NYC

London's Frontline Club is staging its maiden event in NY - 'Talking to the Enemy,' April 16, when participants will discuss whether the western media should give more coverage to the self-proclaimed enemies of western civilisation: the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq. Does failure to give these organisations proper coverage do readers and viewers a disservice? Is truth really the first casualty in the coverage of the war on terror?

About the FLC...

Over the last few years in London, I’ve spoken with a UK envoy about what he saw that week in Basra and Baghdad, with reporters just returned from Kandahar, Tbilisi, Pyongyang, and the northeast of Sri Lanka. I listened while filmmakers offered editing suggestions to documentarians for their footage of interviews with insurgents in Anbar province. An Al Jazeera editor from Cairo patiently answered my questions about the launch of their English-language service. And I watched a senior army officer break bread with a leader of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. All this under one roof, at the Frontline Club, where they have a dining table with a very big view.


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