Thursday, April 3, 2008

Liberty London Girl Revealed!

I've written before about my friend LibertyLondonGirl, the anony-blogger who transplanted to New York last year and was just crowned Fashion Insider Blogger of the Year.

Since then, among the most clicked pages on my site have been "An Another Excellent Thing About French Cinema," concerning the wonderful actress Isild le Besco, and my posts about LibertyLondonGirl. I can attest that every day there are those googling the question "Who is LibertyLondonGirl?" Well, if they only knew the half of it. She's beautiful, smart, erudite, witty, kind, loads of fun, and... though, since we're friends plain and simple, I always tried not to notice too much... she's the living embodiment of the Lord's plenty. Since she herself blogged about it, click here

After such a tribute as this, I fear now I'll blush next time I get together with her in the East Village to discuss French film or the contemporary English novel. In any case, I do recommend her post, link above, "Breasts vs. the Fashion Industry," which I attest is all true.

And meanwhile leave you with this glimpse of her.