Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Grand National Steeplechase

UPDATE: Inexplicably, I have lost in betting on this race once again.

"Gambling Types #7:  I don't like to talk about this lot.  I'm one of them.  They're simply out of their depths.  They know they can't win, but they'll risk it 'just this once.'  They bet beyond their means, go mad when they win and cry all the way home on the train when they lose.  Their cup doth not runneth over and there's a nasty tendency toward bitterness which takes the form of swearing loudly in the Gents when it's empty.  They also retreat there to have a private roll call of their rapidly dwindling wad from time to time.  They gamble while under the influence of alcohol and/or the astrological columns and they're even mad enough to gamble to 'get out of trouble.'  That's why they're always in it.  Like most dogs they have their day. About once in a lifetime."  

--Jeffrey Bernard:

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