Friday, June 15, 2012

Syria's Collateral Damage

... that would be Lebanon.  It took the Lebanese fifteen years and many deaths to get Syria out and to have their country to themselves again.  Now the violence in Syria, a place on the brink of civil war, where a number of massacres have already occurred, threatens to spill back into their country.

David Ignatius, who began his journalistic career in Beirut and is now visiting, gives this assessment:

For a generation, Lebanese lived the nightmare of sectarian civil war. Now they are watching a similar vortex gather velocity in neighboring Syria, and many fear that Lebanon will be sucked into a conflict that nearly everyone dreads.Already, the Syrian strife is starting to bleed into Lebanon. The Akkar region in the northeast has become a transit point for medical and other relief supplies — and the Syrian opposition hopes to use it as a staging ground for operations across the border in Homs, which has become the fulcrum of the battle to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Read the who thing HERE.

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