Friday, October 12, 2012

Post-Debate: We are Polarized and Partisan

The morning after the vice-presidential debate, and as always Walter Russell Mead as always looks at the big picture:

A rational person could vote for the Democrats on the grounds that the Republicans aren’t ready to govern until they can talk more credibly about what a new system would look like. And a rational person could vote for the Republicans on the grounds that the Democrats will simply make things worse by spending money we don’t have to prop up a system they can’t save.

In a perfect world, an impasse like that should lead to an era of modest politics and bipartisan goodwill. In the real world both Republicans and Democrats feel frustrated and angry.  We are polarized and partisan not because either party has a strong set of ideas but because neither party has solutions big enough for our problems and the sense that things aren’t right combined with a lack of solutions is making us all just a little bit cranky.

Read the whole thing, with its unfortunate title, HERE.

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Triple Lindy said...

The format allowed for constant close-ups of both candidates faces, which was distracting as heck, what with the eye-rolling, snarky grins and other crazy facial expressions of both VP candidates.

While these two are good candidates for the VP metaphoric pitchers of warm spit, I think Biden did the better job. Ryan had nothing to say about the details of the plan except that they will fill them in after elected. Ryan also can't be as naive to say that the Republicans will now be the ones to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats. Unfortunately, I don't believe either side will let that happen.

On the other hand, Biden seemed patronizing and dismissive of everything Ryan said and treated him like a child. I am sure that was his strategy, we'll see how if played with the public - or if it even matters!