Friday, April 12, 2013

Does a Haircut Suggest Your Destiny?

A commonplace question: Does your name determine your destiny?

This week I wonder if your haircut determines your destiny.   Let's hope not.

Below right see Kim Jong Un, current leader of "The Hermit Kingdom," North Korea.  At left, his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, communist North Korea's first leader, who as a young man invaded South Korea and thus his country into a bloody war with a United Nations-approved coalition.

Meanwhile, from London comes a report yesterday that the current restlessness of North Korea is merely a symptom of a split within its armed forces.   Excerpt and link below.


Malcolm Moore of the Telegraph reports from Dandong, PRC.
Divisions within the military, and the desire of a leader who may be only 30-years-old to consolidate his position, could be one factor behind the current spate of aggression. "The further north you go (in North Korea), the more you hear rumours of dissension and divisions over who is or who would have been a better leader," said Joseph Bermudez, an expert on the North Korean military and an analyst at DigitalGlobe. He added that there had been rumours last year of a possibly violent falling-out between two major departments over who would be in charge of army reconnaissance. That, he said, might have alarmed Kim Jong-un, who subsequently reshuffled a host of leading generals.
Read the whole Telegraph story here.

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James Scott Linville said...

Elizabeth Wurtzel, a sometime contributor to The Main Point, offers this observation:

Actually, dictators tend to have crazy hair. In Hitler's case, weird mustache. The Kim's: insane hair, and funny glasses. Look at Qaddafi. Look at Castro's beard. Evita's severe bun. Maggie's bouffant--though she was a dictatress manqué. President Lincoln threw members of the opposing party in jail, suspended Habeas Corpus, and had the US Army occupy the half of the country that was in rebellion--sounds kind of kingly,yes?--and he had a shock of panther-black hair. (In fact the only US President that has been bald that I can think of got his job through a series of amazing mishaps and was not elected at all: Gerald Ford.) And I am without portfolio, but I have the most amazing extremely long bottled blonde hair. Someday I will be queen of the whole wide world.

And of course, there is Medusa: Need I say more?

Yes: hairstyle is destiny.