Monday, March 19, 2012

The Essence Seeker Project

Through a friend I came across Andrea Wilson and her Essence Seeker project.  Her project, an on-line collection of tributes, is an ongoing exercise to identify icon people, things, companies, places, and creations, and to explore what it is that makes them unique and essential, what gives them their iconic identity. 

As she herself says:

Essence Seeker pays tribute to people, icons, brands and experiences that are truly original and exceptional, with each distilled into a single image and set of words.  I spend my life searching for the essence – in defining brands for clients, discovering what makes people different or simply experiencing life.  If we know the essence of who we are, we can navigate a complex world and make the most of our existence.  Each tribute is cultivated over time in the hope that it provides something rich to savour.

Below is her tribute to William Blake, an essential English poet who speaks all too directly to this year.

See more Essence Seeker tributes, and subscribe, HERE.

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