Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tanuja Desai, in homage to Prince

Earlier this month, June 7th, was Prince’s birthday—the Minnesota governor even declared it Prince Day.

In honor that “The Morning Papers,” a collection at Media Diversified, invited writers of color and Prince devotees to reflect.  Tanuja Desai Hidier remembers him in her poem “Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi woh Purple barsaat ki raat”:

Dearly Beloved,
My mama she loved U
Wrote me when they found U
New England—North London
En route 2 our girls’ school

Trans-Atlantic we mourned U
WhatsApp; Gram-on-phone too…
What’s funny and so true
My memories of U

Take me back 2 that shared roof
Mom, Dad, Raj
(Ur sister too)
And a lifetime of U…

Read the whole thing HERE.

Hat-tip Paris Review, where many moons ago Tanuja worked with this editor.

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