Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Courageous Choice of a Suit

Polite Notice to regular readers of TMP:

Some months back I wrote for Conde Nast's "M" Magazine a survey of the Future of Men's Fashion, interviewing sundry figures, including one novelist friend who discoursed on the utility of the right T-shirt.  In the end I learned what a courageous choice a suit can be:

You would think that after time away, the hardest part of visiting New York would be braving passport control, baggage reclaim, and then finding a taxi from JFK. Instead, I find it the dilemma of what to wear.

The director Whit Stillman once advised me, regarding an upcoming film-development meeting, “Wear a suit, a blue suit. In truth, it’s worked out terribly for my career, with people mistakenly thinking I might be on the business side rather than creative, but it does still create an impression!”

For writers, every day is casual Friday, and we rarely pay close attention to fashion trends. 

Read the whole thing HERE.

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