Thursday, January 18, 2007

... from interview with Chilean finance minister Andres Velasco

James Linville: I’ve been staying around the corner from the old US Embassy. I heard that long ago, when he was a university student, your father stormed the embassy. What was the occasion?

Andres Velasco: Not precisely “stormed,” I think. Those were of course different times, in the 1940s, after the end of the war, and once upon a time the anti-American demonstrations in Chile were not so few or far between. There was, however, an occasion when he was part of a group out front. The American ambassador came out and he invited the leaders of the demonstrators in for a chat. Yes, my father did enter, and then, well, it all ended perfectly amicably, until the next issue arose.

from MONOCLE magazine, March 2007

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