Saturday, January 13, 2007

Green Salon Update

Envirobabe reports:
"The salon was really wild. The Saudi Ambassador, Prince Turki, showed up right on time and stayed to the end. He was really keen on getting Woolsey to talk to him. Woolsey looked totally freaked out but then calmed down and at one point we had the cold fusion guy, Gunnar Lund, the Swedish Ambassador, Ed Sines, the inventor of a magnet flux clean energy generator (still in process), Woolsey, and Prince Turki, all huddled together. The best part was when Amory Lovins told Prince Turki that he could make more money extracting hydrogen from oil than burning it. I piped up that burning precious oil was akin to burning Picassos. To which Prince Turki quipped "If you like Picassos!" Everyone laughed. Scott Sklar, the solar/wind/trash to fuel modulation godfather kept cracking to the Prince that we weren't going to put him out of business, quite the contrary, then he and I started laughing hysterically. Anyway, by the end of the event, Prince Turki had invited Amory to Saudi Arabia to show them how they can make more money being clean and green than dirty and gooky. And all the rest were scrambling to get their hands on some of the solar cloth and solar xerox machines from Scott. "

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