Saturday, January 13, 2007

UNITED 93, from filmmaker Paul Greengrass

from Feb 2006

UNITED 93, from filmmaker Paul Greengrass

Reports of strong reactions to the trailer for Paul Greengrass's "United 93." Too soon for such a depiction? Not really, so long as potential audience members have weeks to prepare themselves for the experience... to build up to it and steel themselves.

Or perhaps just in time. Conspiracy moonbats have put their foot on the border of received opinion, and the film, meticulously researched by an experienced team... albeit one from m.s.m, should clarify things.

The significance of what happened on 9/11/01 onboard United flight 93 has now itself become clear: American civilians engaged an enemy before their government did, before their government had recognized that enemy had declared war on it and its citizen... and on civilization. Meanwhile, in the intervening years the sentiments of Americans have not been fully engaged for what may be a long war.

-- James Linville

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