Friday, May 23, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge at 125

Today the Brooklyn Bridge turns 125 years old. And it looks so good I'd buy it. As Hart Crane wrote: "O, harp and altar of the fury fused/ How can mere toiling align thy strings?"

Photo courtesy of the G. G. Bain Collection, Library of Congress.

Insta-lanche! For which nod thank you, GHR.

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submandave said...

The Brooklyn Bridge and its like are engineering feats os strength. I am always amazed at the skill, strength, beauty and utility of these older constructions and how they dwarf many of our more modern accomplishments. My favorite example is the Empire State Building. Completed in 1931, it is still the world's eighth tallest. It wasn't surpassed until 41 years later with the completion of the WTC.