Friday, May 2, 2008

Elizabeth Wurtzel on another bombshell

Elizabeth Wurtzel in today's Opinion journal on Obama's other Weather Underground friend Bernardine Dohrn, a former Most Wanted. "She sounded like a kick." I'm sure Elizabeth probably identified with her because as a fifteen year old she too had an urge to throw bombs... though there'd have been a conflict since she never likes anyone to get hurt. She writes:

"To my angsty adolescent mind in 1982, the fact that she helped bomb something like 25 targets, including the Capitol and the Pentagon, seemed to have been lost. In fairness to me, it also was lost on Northwestern University's law school, which made her a faculty member and director of its Children and Family Justice Center in 1992. And on swanky Sidley Austin, the elite Chicago law firm that employed both Bernardine and the Obamas some 20 years ago. (After living underground for years, she pled guilty to aggravated battery and bail jumping, and was put on probation.)

"Still, like many teenagers tragically lost in the Reagan '80s, I had Woodstock dreams, imagining some perfect purple haze of love. By the time I got to college, the cult of latter-day hippies had become a phenomenon: groups of us made daytrips to Walden Pond to drop acid on Thoreau's acreage. I was there, one of many, in love with a dream I'd had as a kid. Today, of course, I know wh LSD really stands for: let the Sixties die. If only the last terrorist act of the Weathermen had been to forever destroy hippie nostalgia."

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