Friday, May 2, 2008


Have been confounded and intrigued over the last year by the videos of Brighton-based artist Seraphina Samet. Among them, "Empathy with Trees" is the most accessible. Others are beautiful... if sometimes confounding. They can be found HERE, in the pink box.

It could be I've returned to these videos again because I'm romancing my own recent purchase of a FLIP video camcorder. A half-hour capacity to point-and-shoot, a USB connection to your computer, and only a hundred dollars.

Of course, I've only shot streetscapes outside my window, but that makes me admire her work all the more.

Everyone should pick one up. I had a friend long ago, David Robbins, who worked for Andy Warhol in the Factory. David was admiring some Mao silk screens that were being pulled, and said so. Warhol said, "So make your own."