Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Liberty Peak's Other Odes

Yesterday I wrote about the tributes to librarians that are a regular feature of Liberty Peak Lodge... or Liberty Peek as I'm beginning to think of them, and they made surprised sounds that I should consider them a mid-century throwback 'mid the blogosphere. Both they and another site friendly to them, Last of the Few, do espouse old-fashioned virtues, and have a penchant for old-fashioned iconography, not to mention women from another time, as you may see here.

Perhaps they're just retro-sexuals.

I'd urge them to look forward, and look to another blog nearby (alphabetically), edited by one LibertyLondonGirl, who also has a smart bombshell thing going for her, as you may see here. So smart she's left her blog behind and been snatched up by the Throw-back Media, who've offered her an exalted post.

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